Due to the continuous vibration of the jaw crusher

Due to the continuous vibration of the jaw crusher

Several reasons for the vibration of the jaw crusher are introduced. Since the continuous vibration of the jaw crusher causes wear of the components and affects the production efficiency of the equipment, solving the constant vibration problem of the equipment is the key to improving efficiency. The reasons for the specific analysis are as follows:

  • 1. The assembly gap of the crusher is too large
  • Due to long-term operation, the rotor shaft and the bearing, the inner and outer rings of the bearing, the cage and the ball, the gap between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing ring is increased, the gap is large, and the rotor shaft is operated at a high speed of 970 R/MIN. The bottom, bottom, left and right sides oscillate back and forth, causing the vibration of the entire jaw crusher to be out of balance.


  • 2. Related to the radius of the rotor shaft
  • The size of the radius is mainly due to the fact that the rotor shaft is not straight. Although the radius has an effect on the vibration of the crusher, it has little effect. Due to the special working nature of the jaw crusher, the material collides with each other in the machine by collision, impact, tapping, etc., to achieve the particle size of the fuselage. The rotor shaft is the main force part of the jaw crusher and is also a severely damaged component that is easy to form a rotor shaft bend.

  • 3. Rotor shaft running angular velocity
  • The proper angular velocity of the rotor shaft is critical to the smooth operation of the jaw crusher. This is because the magnitude of the stress is proportional to the square of the angular velocity. If the angular velocity is too large, the stress on the shaft is large and the shaft is easily deformed. Conversely, if the angular velocity is too small, the productivity of the crusher will be affected.

  • 4. The quality of the hammer of the crusher equipment is good or bad
  • If the hammer of the jaw crusher is of poor quality, the structure of the hammer head is not uniform, the strength is uneven, the wear is different, and it is easy to cause damage, resulting in strong vibration of the entire equipment. Therefore, the quality of the hammerhead plays an important role in maintaining the balance of the jaw crusher.

  • 5. Rotor shaft is not flat
  • The uneven force of the rotor shaft is the main cause of the vibration of the jaw crusher. When the material enters the crusher, the rotor strikes the rotor in the direction of rotor motion, resulting in uneven forces on the rotor shaft, causing the rotor to become unbalanced, causing machine vibration.

Jaw crusher is a widely used crushing device. It is widely used in major ore factories and is a crushing ore crushing device.

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