Heavy calcium powder production equipment

Heavy calcium powder has wide application and high production value

Heavy calcium powder is a powder made from limestone and calcite after processing. It has the characteristics of less impurities, high whiteness, strong toughness, fire resistance and wear resistance. It is used in papermaking, rubber, coatings, paints, toothpaste, construction, etc. The field plays an important role. In the industry, the fineness of the powder is generally expressed by the number of meshes. The use of heavy calcium powder is different for different meshes. Let us explain specifically:

Wide range of applications of heavy calcium powder

  • 1,200 mesh heavy calcium powder: also known as single flying fraction, is the auxiliary raw material for the production of sodium dichromate, the main raw material for the production of glass and cement.
  • 2. 325 mesh heavy calcium powder: divided into double fly powder and triple fly powder, used in the field of papermaking, can ensure the strength and whiteness of paper, and the cost is low; used in the construction industry, it has an important role in dry powder mortar and concrete It can not only reduce the production cost, but also increase the toughness and strength of the product; it can also be used in the fields of artificial marble production and poultry feed production.
  • 3, 400 mesh heavy calcium powder: called four flying powder, can be used in rubber, plastic, floor tile and other industries.
  • 4, 800 mesh heavy calcium powder: can be used in paint, latex paint, water-based coating industry.

How is heavy calcium powder produced?

The quality of the powder is the key to determine the user's profit. The SBM machine has been working hard to improve the quality of the heavy calcium powder and increase the user's profit. It provides users with high-quality heavy calcium powder production equipment and efficient and reasonable processing processes. The indicators of the produced heavy calcium powder are well-known in the industry, and the overall production line is more favorable. It is well received by various heavy calcium powder manufacturers. You can bring materials to the factory to test the machine. What is the quality of the produced heavy calcium powder? You can see it at a glance.

The equipment of heavy calcium powder production line has been scientifically and reasonably configured, and usually consists of crusher, mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, fan, analyzer, pipeline device, electronic control system and its auxiliary equipment. The following is the specific heavy calcium powder production equipment and processing technology flow:

Production process of heavy calcium powder

  • 1.Ore crushing

Large pieces of limestone or calcite are entered into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and then into an impact crusher for two-stage crushing to obtain small particles of 15-45mm. The design complies with the principle of "breaking more and breaking less," which makes the entire production line more efficient.

  • 2.Grinding

The crushed small pieces of material are sent to the silo by the elevator, and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill by the vibrating feeder for grinding. Generally, Raymond mill can be used for powder preparation within 325 mesh. Three-ring medium-speed micro-mill or German version of HGM ultra-fine mill can be selected for finer particle size. It can mill 800-1000 mesh heavy calcium powder.

  • 3. Classification

The powdered material is classified by the classifier, and the unqualified powder is classified by the classifier and returned to the host for re-milling.

  • 4, powder collection, packaging

The fine powder meets the airflow and enters into the dust collector through the pipeline for separation and collection. The collected finished powder is sent from the delivery device to the finished product bin through the discharge port, and the finished product is packed into a bag with a packaging machine.

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