How to choose the mobile crushing station that suits you?

The mobile crushing station, also known as the movable crusher, is one of the crushing equipments. It adopts an integrated group operation method, which can work alone, eliminating the complicated site infrastructure and auxiliary facilities installation work of the split components, and reducing the labor consumption. It is very suitable for crushing operations of granite, river rock, bluestone, construction waste and other materials.

In fact, there are many types of mobile crusher in the market, and different types of equipment have different characteristics when processing stone. If you can choose the type of equipment that suits you, it will greatly increase your productivity. So, how to choose the type of mobile stone breaker equipment that suits you?


1, according to the user's own output value needs.

Different types of mobile crushers have different production values, and the larger the specifications, the higher the corresponding output value. Users should choose the device model that suits their needs according to their own output value. In general, the mobile crusher's output value will range from 40 to 650 tons / hour.

2, according to the user's own processing of material selection.

The materials used for different types of mobile crushers are also different. Moving jaw crusher and stone material suitable for processing 320MPa compressive strength, for example: bluestone. The moving cone crusher is more suitable for processing stone with relatively high hardness, such as river pebble and granite. Moving heavy hammer crushers and mobile impact crushers are more suitable for processing stone with less hardness, such as limestone. Therefore, the specific type of user to choose, can be determined according to the properties (hardness, brittleness, water content, etc.) of the stone to be processed.


3. According to the user's own investment budget.

Different types of mobile crushers are also divided into many different specifications. Therefore, different types and models of mobile crushers have different production costs, so users can choose their own equipment according to their own investment budget. In general, under the same production value standard, the mobile cone crusher has a higher casting cost than the mobile impact crusher equipment, and its price will be higher.

The above is the selection method of the mobile crusher we introduced for you. In general, different mobile crushers have different uses. Users choose their equipment to compare their production needs and compare the functions and functions of the equipment.