How to deal with the wear-resistant block of the sand making machine

How to deal with the wear-resistant block of the sand making machine

The wear block is the most commonly used accessory for the VSI sand making machine and is one of the wearing parts of the VSI sand making machine and the impact type sand making machine. So what should I do if the sanding machine wear block is rusted?

The wear-resistant block of VSI sand making machine produced by our SBM is directly forged with imported high-quality alloy. Under the premise of ensuring the impact toughness, the wear resistance of the product is maximized, thereby improving the work efficiency and the service life is higher than that of the high-strength steel. 3-5 times. Below we SBM will introduce you to the rust removal method of several sanding machine wear blocks.


  • 1. Chemical descaling method: mainly a method of removing rust by chemical reaction between acid and metal oxide to remove the rust product on the surface of high-efficiency sand making machine, which is commonly referred to as pickling and rust removal. Rust can only be operated in the workshop;
  • 2, small wind or electric derusting: mainly powered by electric or compressed air, equipped with appropriate descaling device, reciprocating or rotating motion to meet the rust removal requirements of various occasions.
  • 3. High-pressure water abrasive rust removal: the impact of the high-pressure water jet (plus the abrasive grinding action) and the water rafting action remove the rust and coating on the sand-making machine steel plate. Its characteristics are no dust pollution, no damage to the steel plate, greatly improve the derusting efficiency, up to 15m2 / h, good derusting quality. However, the steel plate after derusting is easy to return to rust, and it is necessary to apply a special wet rust-removing paint, which has a great influence on the coating of general performance paint;

The above is the descaling method of the wear block of the sand making machine. SBM warmly reminds the use and non-use of the sand making machine equipment to maintain and maintain the equipment, which is beneficial to the better operation of the equipment.

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