How to design a cobblestone sand line?

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How to design a cobblestone sand line?As one of the common raw materials for machine sand, the strength of cobblestone is medium-hard and has the characteristic

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How to design a cobblestone sand line?

As one of the common raw materials for machine sand, the strength of cobblestone is medium-hard and has the characteristics of compression resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. It is a very ideal engineering building material. Pebble resources in some areas of China are relatively extensive and can be directly used. Collect and process and transport materials. A reasonable and scientific cobblestone sand line not only brings high returns to sand and gravel enterprises, but also brings market value and social value. So what equipment is needed for the last cobblestone sand line? How can production achieve higher profits?

Generally, it can be divided into three stages of crushing to process and reprocess the cobblestone. The first stage of crushing is also known as the coarse crushing stage. The jaw crusher is often used to coarsely crush the cobblestone. The jaw crusher has a deeper crushing cavity. The pebbles can be quickly and completely broken, and the amount of broken units is increased. According to the characteristics of the cobblestone, we use cone crushing as the second crushing to reprocess the cobblestone. The hardness of the material in the cone crushing process is very good. For the three-stage crushing, vertical shaft impact crushing (sand making machine) can be used for the shaping and sand making stage. At present, the high-efficiency sand making machines cover the principle of stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron, which is extremely cost-effective. Auxiliary equipment is added to the three-stage crushing process for sieving, washing and conveying stages, thereby processing cobblestone into high-quality sand.

Different types of crushers have different outlets. Cobblestone sand can be adjusted within the rated range according to the fineness modulus required by the user. The granularity and size of the finished product made of cobblestone sand are different, but it can produce a certain degree of adhesion and good pressure resistance. If the entire cobblestone sand production site has a wide site, large scale, smooth equipment construction, and stable machine operation, thereby achieving the goals of saving time and labor and reducing maintenance costs, the sandstone plant will have higher profits and significant benefits.

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