How to properly start the sand making machine at low temperature

How to properly start the sand making machine at low temperature

Nowadays, there are more and more machines, and it is normal to start at long temperatures. However, the reaction of the machine is a bit slow or abnormal at colder temperatures. The temperature on our side is OK, but there is more trouble in the northeast, especially the old machine that takes a long time. However, today we will introduce the starting skills of mechanical equipment such as sand making machine in low temperature environments.

First, the cleaning of the crusher

The appearance of the diesel engine, the chassis and the working device of the cleaning engineering machine can play the role of descaling and decontamination. In the cleaning process, the damage of each device, components and oil leakage parts can be found, and the preliminary work for the next maintenance and repair can be done. It is forbidden to use high-pressure and high-temperature water guns to flush parts with high waterproof requirements, especially electrical parts, to avoid damage.

Second, the selection and replacement of oil

  • 1. Selection of fuel oil
  • Diesel is prone to wax formation at low temperatures, viscosity increases, fluidity deteriorates, and atomization is poor, which deteriorates the combustion process and reduces the power and economy of the diesel engine. In order to soften the diesel engine and reduce fuel consumption, diesel with a lower freezing point should be used. The general selection principle is: the condensation point of diesel is about 5 °C lower than the environmental mixing. The diesel grades available for winter are: -10#, -20#, -35#, etc.

    The fuel system should be cleaned during maintenance. Thoroughly clean all the filter screens, replace the fuel filter, discharge the sewage from the oil-water separator and clean it. Colleagues check the operation of the oil pump to eliminate hidden troubles.

  • 2. Replacement of diesel engine oil
  • Diesel engines should use low temperature oil with low viscosity. Try to use high-performance engine oil. This kind of oil is not easy to oxidize at high temperature, and it will not leave any deposits in the precision parts of the diesel engine, which can greatly extend the life of the diesel engine. Multi-grade oils can be operated over a wide temperature range. Generally, multi-grade oils with a viscosity rating of SAE5W-40 or SAE10W-40 are available. Replace or clean the oil filter while changing the oil.

  • 3, replace the lubricant and grease
  • When changing seasons, replace the gear oil in the transmission, transfer case, differential, and steering gear with gear oil for winter. Pay attention to cleaning when changing oil.


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Third, the maintenance of parts


  • 1. Maintenance of the diesel engine cooling system Check the working condition of the thermostat to prevent the water temperature of the diesel engine from being too low or too high. Remove scale from the water jacket. It is necessary to choose a long-acting antifreeze solution that is lower than the low temperature of 10 °C in the construction machinery area and has antifreeze in winter and anti-boiling, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling in summer. Once the water tank is found to have silt deposits, it will be removed immediately.
  • 2. Maintenance of electrical equipment Check the motor wiring of the battery. Check to adjust the electrolyte density. Maintain the starter motor. Increase the generator charging voltage. The battery should be recharged frequently during the winter. Maintain the preheater.
  • 3. Maintenance of the brake system Pay attention to whether the brake fluid is sufficient and whether the quality is deteriorated. Check the oil water separator. Is the drain switch working properly? Check whether the brake is weak, deviation, the pedaling force of the brake pedal is insufficient, and the brake is not returned, and the adjustment is made in time.


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