How to reduce the wear of moving jaws?

How to reduce the wear of moving jaws?

The crusher is mainly used for crushing metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, hydropower, etc. The crusher is mainly used in ore, highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries.

  • 1. Equipment parameters apply to materials
  • Sampling each batch of materials, found that the material properties have large fluctuations, timely adjustment of the main parameters of the crusher, such as angle, eccentric shaft speed, output power and motor power, and make it into the crusher material to reduce the wear of the seesaw .

  • 2. Pay attention to the fixed circuit board
  • A new panel should be attached and the surface of the panel should be in smooth contact with the surface of the body (moving and stationary). Plastic materials such as lead or plywood cement mortar can be placed between the two surfaces. The assembly of the movable jaw and the stationary plate requires that the jaws of the jaws be aligned with the slots of the other jaw, that is, the movable jaws and the fixed jaws are substantially engaged.


  • 3. Eb material selection
  • The slab should be made of a high hardness material to resist the failure of extrusion micromachining. A material with sufficient toughness is used to resist fatigue failure caused by chiseling impact. Typically, high manganese steel containing 12% to 14% manganese is cast into a slab. The small jaw crusher can also be used to make white cast iron jaws, while improving the tooth plate structure and reducing the relative sliding of the material and the tooth plate. Since the jaws are typically formed in a vertically symmetrical shape, the lower worn jaws can be inverted for use during minor repairs. Hadtop Huaheng's large jaw crusher jaws are made up of multiple parts that can be used interchangeably to extend the life of the jaws.

  • 4. Swap the same type of board
  • Cement companies with mine crushing lines can replace the same types of wear and slabs that are crushed in the mine and crushed in the cement plant, and replace the new ones to continue operation.

  • 5. Use surface or arc welding
  • For worn-out jaws, surface treatments can be used to restore the shape of the teeth. Arc welding can be used for repair or automatic submerged arc welding can be used.

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