installing the sand production line equipment

What should I pay attention to when installing the sand production line equipment?

The sand production line can realize the mass production of construction sand and stone materials, so that the demand supply relationship of construction materials is maintained in a balanced and good state for a long time, thus promoting the rapid development of the construction industry. In order to make the best use of performance, you must do the installation of all aspects of equipment. What are the main aspects of the installation of the sand production line?


What should I pay attention to during the installation of the device?

  • First of all, we need to follow the installation instructions of the equipment to carry out the specific work of the installation, and to strictly follow the standard specifications for installation, can not be treated at will. If the installation is not appropriate, it is easy to cause the equipment to malfunction during operation, which will adversely affect us.
  • Secondly, when carrying out the specific installation of the sand washing machine, it is necessary to select the ground with a strong weight capacity to be used as the installation site. If the load-bearing capacity of the installation site is poor, it is easy to collapse the ground, which will cause great damage to the equipment, and the personal safety of the operators will not be guaranteed. Therefore, we need to have a detailed consideration of the installation location, only the standard can be selected.
  • The spindle installation of the third sand production line equipment must be maintained in a horizontal or vertical state, and no bending phenomenon can occur. In this way, the installation effect of the equipment can be optimized, so that the performance of the equipment can be fully utilized.
  • Fourth, we must also make the various parts of the sand production line equipment firm, and there must be no strong connection between the parts, otherwise it will easily cause the equipment to be in danger during the operation.
  • Fifth, after the installation of the sand production line equipment, it is necessary to carry out all-round inspection and exploration of the equipment, and only to ensure the best installation effect can be used. If you find that the installation task is not working well, you need to reinstall it again.

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