Introduce the workflow of Raymond Mill

Introduce the workflow of Raymond Mill

The main working process of Raymond mill: Raymond mill roller shaft is installed on the plum blossom frame, the plum blossom frame is rotated rapidly by the transmission device, the grinding ring is fixed, and the material is fed by the feeder. One side of the body. Grinding is carried out between the roller and the grinding ring, and the air flow is blown from the lower portion of the grinding ring in a tangential direction, and the dust is discharged into the classifier of the upper portion of the wind mill through the grinding region between the roller and the disk. Three to five rollers hang from the plum frame and rotate around the center axis of the body. Due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation, the roller is flared outward, pressing the grinding ring and rolling thereon. The material fed to the Raymond mill is shoveled with a blade and fed between the roller and the grinding ring for grinding. The blade is attached to the plum frame, the blade is mounted obliquely, and the blade is placed in front of each roller to allow the material to form a continuous flow of material between the roller and the grinding ring.


The Raymond mill pulverizes the material using the centrifugal centrifugal air principle. The spindle speed is high and the rotating parts are made of high quality steel. After assembly, the dynamic balance test is carried out to achieve stable and reliable operation. The machine parts are made of cast iron, which is beautiful in appearance and rigid. A hopper or disc feeder is installed at the feed port of the shredder to ensure continuous and uniform material addition. The pulverized finished material is separated from the discharge port by a wind input powder collecting device. The machine is compact in structure, safe and reliable, simple in operation, high in production efficiency, and convenient in installation and maintenance.


Raymond mills mainly use mechanical air movement and centrifugal principles to pulverize materials. The main unit is equipped with a drafting power that automatically crushes the material inside the machine. The chuck on the spindle and the inclined bushing of the machine control the particle size of the crush. After the pulverized powder is discharged from the main engine outlet, it is separated from the gas stream by a cyclone, the powder is discharged from the discharge port of the cyclone, and the atmosphere is filtered by a filter bag collector through a small amount of powder gas.

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