Limestone Coarse Grinding Machine

What are the malfunctions of the limestone mill in use? How to solve?

Limestone powder is widely used, and different fineness and purity of limestone powder are used in different fields, and different mill equipment is needed for processing. If you want to process 150-325 mesh limestone powder for power plant desulfurization or filling, you may use Raymond mill series products, including Raymond mill, high pressure mill, overpressure trapezoid mill, European version of mill, One-piece suspension roller grinding equipment. The single-volume production of these devices is basically below 25t/h, so a larger mill is required and a vertical mill can be selected.

If you have a Raymond series mill with a production capacity of 10t/h, can it be smooth in production, will it fail? Small faults in mechanical equipment are normal, but generally there will be no major faults, which can be as follows:

  • 1. The flat key or shaft wear, the stone material rolling into the inner side of the wheel, the loosening of the flywheel wheel and the casting defect will cause the flywheel wheel to swing axially to the left and right, which has a great influence on the normal operation of the equipment, so In the production process, the flat key, eccentric shaft or flywheel should be replaced or re-tightened to avoid the normal operation of the equipment in the production line;
  • 2. The loosening or breaking of the anchor bolts, the deviation of the position of the flywheel counterweights, the unstable foundation of the main engine, and the absence of isolation measures, etc., cause serious jumps in the equipment rack of the high-pressure mill, and it is necessary to fix the feet at this time. Bolt or replace the broken bolt or remove the flywheel shaft end cover, loosen the fly, the groove wheel tightening sleeve bolt, adjust the position of the fly and the sheave counterweight, and then tighten the tightening sleeve bolt and the reinforcement foundation. Steps such as cushioning or rubber are used to solve this problem. In the process of production, always pay attention to the inspection and find out the reasons for these problems in time to prevent damage to the equipment and affect production;


Of course, the mill may also have other failures, but the failure rate of the new equipment that is basically strictly factory is below 1%. The old equipment is not good to see the equipment usage. In case of failure, find the cause and solve it in time.

What kind of grinder is used to grind 800 mesh limestone powder?

Limestone is a multi-purpose rock resource that can be used as building aggregate, can be used as cement, can be used as calcium powder filler, can be used to burn lime, made into limestone powder, and can be used for desulfurization in power plants. The use of limestone will use crushers, mills, and some also require firing equipment (cement and lime). So which kind of mill equipment is needed to process 800 mesh limestone fine powder?

The 800-mesh powder is a relatively fine powder. Some of the powders milled by the high-pressure mill can achieve this fineness, but the output is very limited. It is definitely not suitable to grind with a high-pressure mill. The processing range of the high-pressure mill is mainly Focused on less than 400 mesh, the Raymond mill series products are the same. The fineness of 800 mesh needs to be processed by ultra-fine grinding machine, which is also called three-ring micro-grinding. The internal structure is different from high-pressure grinding. The ultra-fine mill has multiple loops, each of which has several grinding rollers. The airflow is used to draw the material from bottom to top, and gradually become finer. Of course, there are analytical machines on the upper part of the mill. The powder that reaches the fineness index will pass through the analysis machine and transport the powder collection through the pipeline. If it does not meet the standard, it will naturally fall back to re-grinding. The entire wind cycle system is driven by the induced draft fan, so it is different from the air supply system of the high pressure mill.

The fineness range of the powder that can be processed by the ultra-fine mill is 325-2500 mesh. Of course, it is better at processing the powder in the interval of 500-1250 mesh. Therefore, it is necessary to produce 800 mesh limestone powder. The ultrafine mill is a suitable choice.