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Project Background

Since China's reform and opening up, China's various industries have made considerable development, especially in the industrial sector

Project Advantages

Since China's reform and opening up, China's various industries have made considerable development, especially in the industrial sector, China's development is very rapid, and now the needs of the market, the demand for limestone grinding mill a substantial increase. Limestone raw materials in many industries have a very important application, but the limestone can not be used directly, need to go through a lot of processing processes, limestone grinding mill at this time it is particularly important, but we all know that limestone grinding mill The working principle? Here we follow Xiaobian together to find out about it

The work of the host of the limestone grinding mill is mainly driven by the drive shaft of the grinding mill to drive the main axis of the limestone grinding mill. The upper part of the drive shaft is connected with a plum blossom frame, a platen device is mounted on the top of the plum blossom and the fulcrum is formed by the grinding roller device and the swinging of the grinding device is not only around the center Rotation, at the same time, roller device installed around the grinding ring at the same time, the roller device itself will be due to the role of friction, and the formation of rotation.

In the lower part of the plum blossom rack is also equipped with a blade system. The blade is located just below the roller unit, and the blade and the roller are fed at the same time and the material in the main machine is thrown into the roller ring and forms a layer of gasket. In the roller rotation and the formation of centrifugal force at the same time will crush the material within the host, and ultimately, to achieve the purpose of grinding milling.

Limestone grinding mill analysis machine is through the speed control motor device and through the secondary speed of the case to drive the rotation of the blade on the turntable, so as to achieve the grading effect on the powder. And the blade speed is determined by the size of the graded particles. If you want a smaller particle, you need to increase the speed, and vice versa is the same reason. Want to get the concentration is not very large particles, just reduce the blade speed can be.

We read through the above content, the working principle of the limestone grinding mill should have a certain understanding of the bar. In today's fast-growing society, knowing this knowledge will have a lot of benefits for yourself, because it is applied to limestone grinding mills in many industry sectors that are closely related to people's lives. If you want to know more about this product, please feel free to follow our website updates.

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