Marble pulverized equipment

Marble pulverized equipment

Introduction to marble

The so-called marble is white limestone with black pattern. It can also be called marble. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate. Compared with granite, the marble texture is soft, with good decorative function, not easy to deform and high hardness. Long service life, non-magnetization, etc. are the characteristics of marble, and its color is roughly white, gray, red, green, yellow, and the like.

The processing of marble needs to be treated with suitable equipment, and the treated marble can be better used in people's daily life to facilitate people's lives, but what equipment is needed for marble grinding into powder? What kind of role does it play in the grinding operation? With these questions we will do a detailed analysis below.


Commonly used equipment for grinding marble into powder

Under normal circumstances, the equipment used for marble grinding into powder is a jaw crusher, a Raymond mill, a high-pressure mill and an ultra-fine mill.


  • 1, jaw crusher


    Jaw crusher can be said to be a kind of crushing equipment which appeared earlier in the market and is more common in application. It is widely used in the crushing operation of materials in the mining industry. For the crushing of marble, the equipment has a good crushing effect and can break the marble. The granularity required by users has the following advantages.

    a. In the process of crushing marble with a jaw crusher, the equipment runs very smoothly, and the number of failures is still very small, which reduces the downtime of the equipment and reduces the operating cost to a certain extent.

    b. Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, the structural design of the equipment is very simple, which makes it very convenient to operate and maintain, and it is convenient to replace parts, which saves time and effort.

    c. The design of the crushing chamber of the equipment is relatively deep, and it can handle a large amount of marble, which effectively improves the production of marble and the economic benefits of customers.

    d. The discharge opening adjustment range of the equipment is still very large, and the customer can adjust the size of the discharge opening according to the required marble size to meet the demand.

  • 2, Raymond mill


    Raymond mill is a kind of milling equipment that is widely used and economical on the market. It is widely used in the grinding operation of marble. It has high utilization value and has the following performance characteristics.

    a. Raymond mill structure adopts vertical form, which reduces part of the floor space, and the complete set of equipment performance is very strong. It can independently complete the marble grinding operation without using other auxiliary equipment.

    b. The equipment transmission device adopts a closed gear box and pulley, which can effectively prevent dust pollution, reduce the environmental hazard caused by dust, and the equipment is also very safe and reliable.

    c. The important parts of Raymond mill are processed by mature materials, which improves the wear resistance of the whole equipment, slows down the wear speed of parts, and saves a maintenance cost.

    d. High production efficiency, large output, low investment, fast return, safe and reliable.

  • 3, high pressure mill


    The high-pressure mill can also be used for marble grinding operations, and the finished grain size of marble can be adjusted within a certain range to meet customer needs, with the following advantages.

    a, the equipment output is very high, under the same conditions, the output of the equipment can be increased by 10-30%, and the fineness of the finished material can sometimes reach 1000 mesh, the grinding effect is quite good.

    b. The dust removal effect of the equipment is remarkable. At the grinding stage of the marble, the dust pollution is very small, and the phenomenon that dust is flying in the air is almost invisible, which reduces the pollution to the environment.

    c. The grinding roller and grinding ring of the equipment have low replacement frequency and can be used for a long time, and the damage of the wearing parts is very small, which saves the customer a lot of running costs.

    d, production costs less, investment is not much, the grinding effect is good, safe and reliable.

  • 4, superfine mill
  • superfine-mill.jpg

    The finished grain size of the marble milled by the ultra-fine mill can be adjusted freely between 325-1800 mesh to meet the different particle size requirements of the customer. The performance characteristics of the device are still very much, see the following analysis.

    a. Ultra-fine grinding machine has small vibration, low noise, low pollution, stable operation, safe and reliable in the process of marble grinding.

    b. The wear material of the equipment is higher than the wear material of the Raymond mill, and the service life is also very long, and the power consumption is still very low.

    c. The equipment can not only perform continuous work but also the frequency of continuous work failure is low, which reduces the downtime of the equipment and speeds up the construction progress.

    d, operation and maintenance is very convenient, easy to replace parts, making it more convenient and quick to replace.

Marble pulverized equipment quality

SBM machine is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment. It has a certain experience base for the production of marble pulverized equipment. The equipment produced has a high sales volume. Compared with other manufacturers, it has certain advantages. The equipment is not only low in price but also has quality. Guarantee, the quality of the equipment purchased in our SBM machine, you can rest assured that there will be no equipment quality defects, because our equipment is all processed with better materials, and there are professional personnel to supervise during the processing. After the production, there are professional personnel to carry out the inspection of the equipment quality, and the equipment that meets the quality requirements will be sold.

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