The vibration energy generated by the normal operation of the crusher

The vibration energy generated by the normal operation of the crusher is insufficient to cause

The vibration energy generated by the normal operation of the crusher is insufficient to cause the substrate to rupture. Mainly due to the unstable factors in the operation of the crusher: If the crushing chamber of the crusher is severely blocked, mechanical vibration will be generated, which will have a great influence on the substrate. After many similar vibrations, a base fracture may occur. The jaws of the crusher are either original or have been modified, which can also cause the jaw crusher to load, twist and oscillate unevenly during operation, causing the jaw crusher base to rupture. The jaw crusher undergoes a base fracture and is subject to simple welding or welding defects, so the machine may cause the base to rupture during normal operation.

The solution to the rupture of the crusher base: the general simple maintenance is welding repair, but the effect of this repair is not ideal. When preparing for overhaul, the entire base of the jaw crusher can be welded with steel plates. The large-diameter high-strength anchor is embedded in the concrete foundation, and even if the crusher is clogged, the jaw crusher base will not adversely affect the vibration. If the jaw crusher is prone to abnormal vibration, consider adjusting the jaws. Due to the serious bearing wear, the jaw crusher base can be broken to replace the bearing. If the jaw crusher is too loose or too tight, the jaw crusher can be replaced. Replace the more sturdy base to prevent similar failures from happening again.

The vibration phenomenon in the production of the crusher needs to be controlled within a reasonable range, otherwise large noise will be generated, causing environmental pollution, and large vibrations will also affect the production of the machine, such as a decline in production. Therefore, in the use of the machine, how to reduce the vibration is an urgent problem to be solved. This is three effective measures to reduce the vibration of the crusher.

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  • Measure 1. Ensure a firm installation
  • To do this, you first need to install the crusher on a hard, stable floor. Otherwise, after a long period of work, the foundation will fall, causing vibration and installing the machine. In this process, follow scientifically sound procedures. When fixing the crusher, lay the foundation and check if the foundation is loose after use. If it is loose, it should be strengthened in time;

  • Measure 2, inspection in production
  • This is mainly to check whether the fasteners such as the fixing bolts and screws of the crusher are loose. If it is loose, tighten it in time. In addition, if the position of the flywheel deviates during the production process, in addition to the above aspects, it is necessary to periodically check the bearing clearance during the production process of the crusher. In production, bearing lubrication should be performed to reduce damage caused by bearings. The resulting vibration phenomenon;

  • Measure 3, precautions in production
  • A belt having the same pad pitch and the same size as the adjustment pad is used as a cushion to reduce the swing pressure and reduce vibration within a certain range to prevent breakage. When the machine adjustment pad is raised, it is necessary to weld two pressure plates on the adjustment pad. In addition, if the crusher spindle is unbalanced during the production process or overloaded for a long time, the spindle will be severely bent. Deformation, causing equipment vibration, the solution at this time is to correct the spindle in time, if it can not be corrected, replace the new spindle in time;

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