Operation of jaw crusher

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Operation of jaw crusherIn recent years, with the increase in the demand for machine-made sand in various regions, the relevant national policies and the sand a

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Operation of jaw crusher

In recent years, with the increase in the demand for machine-made sand in various regions, the relevant national policies and the sand and stone industry in order to increase the supply of machine-made sand, continue to formulate development directions and development goals for it to meet the rigid market demand. The jaw crusher is often used as the first-level crushing section equipment of the sand and gravel line. Its ease of operation and degree of automation affect the follow-up work and efficiency. This article shares with you whether the jaw crusher is easy to operate and its Degree of automation.

Jaw crusher needs manual start-up operation, shutdown operation and daily maintenance operation. The start-up operation and the shutdown operation are relatively easy. The daily maintenance operation needs to be cautious and careful. The start-up operation is as follows. When the jaw crusher is empty, the lubrication device, the ventilation device, the water supply device, and the lower mine transportation system are individually Start, after the start is successful, the feed can be broken. There are two situations when the jaw crusher needs to be shut down. In case of emergency, it needs to be shut down urgently and the production needs to be shut down. When the production is not shut down, the feeding system must be stopped first. When materials are available, they can be shut down. One thing to note is that the cooling system can be stopped only after the host is shut down for about 10 minutes. When the jaw crusher encounters serious damage to the wearing parts and the parts are broken, it needs emergency stop, otherwise it will affect the operation and crushing effect of the whole equipment. The daily maintenance operation is relatively cumbersome. Before and after the operation of the machine, the staff needs to maintain various parts of the jaw crusher. It is more common to check the tightening and lubrication conditions.

The jaw crusher has a high degree of automation during production. The equipment itself can fully process the materials. Under the normal operation of the equipment, there is no need for a lot of human labor costs. It is fully in line with the principle of automation of the sand crushing line for expansion. The production volume laid the foundation. In addition, in order to promote the complete replacement of natural sand by machine-made sand, we should also proceed from reality and make reasonable plans for the production cost of machine-made sand, the production process of machine-made sand, the production process and the processing line equipment to more effectively integrate the industry With the advancement of the processing supply chain, the mechanism sand processing line is developing in the direction of automation and scale, while reducing the labor cost, improving the quality of finished sand and gravel, and expanding production.

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