Precautions in the operation of the ball mill

Precautions in the operation of the ball mill

As a traditional grinding equipment, the domestic ball mill has a history of more than 100 years. It is an important equipment for refining solid materials into powders. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, cement, ceramics, construction, electric power, medicine and defense industries. The department, especially the mineral processing department in the metallurgical industry, has a very important position in grinding operations. Since the processing capacity of the ball mill and the particle size after grinding have a significant impact on the efficiency of the subsequent operations and the technical and economic indicators of the overall production process, the research on the ball mill has been widely recognized at home and abroad. But it must be mentioned that the ball mill will also encounter various problems during use.



First, the basic knowledge of ball mill anti-blocking and leak-proof:

For anti-blocking, we first need to check the size of the material and the amount of material transported. If the transport volume is overloaded, it will also cause the plugging of the inlet. For leak prevention, we first check if the inlet seal has worn out, and it will leak after a period of time. We should replace the seal packing in time. And we have designed the discharge funnel and pipe at the inlet location to discharge the leaked slurry to the trench in time.

Second, the speed of the slurry pump of the wet ball mill is adjusted:

After the pressure test of the cyclone station last night during the commissioning, the pulley of the slurry pump was replaced again.

Third, the influence of the size of the ball mill imported material and the export abrasive:

Control the size of the limestone into the ball mill to keep it within the design range. Generally, the wet ball mill feed particle size is 80% and the particles are less than 12 mm. Adjust the inlet volume of the ball mill. Generally, in order to reduce power consumption, the ball mill should always be operated under rated conditions. However, for various reasons, if the steel ball is not replenished in time, the amount of feed should be appropriately reduced according to the current reduction of the main motor of the ball mill to ensure the particle size of the slurry. qualified.


Fourth, adjust the size of the abrasive material by ball mill ball ratio:

Maintain a reasonable ball load and steel ball ratio. Limestone is impacted, squeezed and ground into a slurry by steel balls. If the steel ball is insufficiently loaded, the fineness will be difficult to meet the requirements. During operation, the ball load can be monitored by monitoring the main motor current of the ball mill. If the current is found to drop significantly, the ball needs to be replenished in time. The ball ball mass ratio should be designed according to the design when the ball mill is put into operation for the first time. Experience has shown that steel ball replenishment generally only replenishes models with large diameters, because steel balls of different diameters can be counted among other models after wear. It can be added according to the wear amount of the steel ball after running for a period of time, generally after running for 3 months.

In summary, if you grasp the working condition of the ball mill on how to operate the box correctly, you can conduct a simple experiment and then perform the specific operation, which will definitely get twice the result with half the effort!

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