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In the interior of the high-pressure mill, during the working process of the material, the grinding ring of the grinding roller plays the role of grinding and pulverizing.

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How to replace the roller assembly of Raymond mill

In the interior of the high-pressure mill, during the working process of the material, the grinding ring of the grinding roller plays the role of grinding and pulverizing. This action changes the material from large particles to small particles, realizing the grinding process. In the process, The parts will also be subject to some wear and tear, and the wear of the grinding roller ring is more serious. In order to restore the performance of the equipment, it needs to be replaced. Here is a description of how to replace the grinding roller assembly.

When replacing, first determine the type of grinding roller and grinding ring to be replaced, then remove the old grinding roller assembly, take out the grinding chamber and replace it, because the grinding roller is tapered, you need to take the hammer Knock it up and down to hammer it out. As the high-pressure mill produces the material, there will be damage to the oil seal. This phenomenon will cause damage to the sealing performance. At this time, the dust will enter, resulting in the grinding roller and The bearing rust is dead together. For the solution of this phenomenon, it is soaked with oil. After about half an hour, it is hammered again with a hammer, so that the grinding roller can be removed.

After the removal, it is the installation process of the new grinding roller. When installing, it is necessary to do the cleaning work first, then the grinding roller shaft is inserted into the round hole in the middle of the grinding roller, and then the oil seal is performed, and the sealing work is carried out. The main purpose is to prevent the high-pressure mill from sealing badly and causing the dust to enter, which causes the wear and tear of the parts of the equipment to be intensified and poorly lubricated. After the sealing, the grinding roller is mounted on the grinding roller assembly, and then the machine can be installed. It is.


As a high-pressure mill itself, it is a kind of equipment that can realize the grinding process of barite, calcite, dolomite and other materials. It has wide application and excellent performance. It has uniformity of fineness, high production efficiency and consumption during work. The advantages of low energy, low noise, low pollution, etc., all of these advantages require the smooth working process of the equipment. Therefore, in the production, the damage of the equipment parts and the maintenance of the parts need to be highly valued and followed. Reasonable operation to complete.

How to solve the problem of bearing powder in Raymond mill

Raymond mill mainly consists of main engine, fan, reducer, analysis machine, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, grinding roller assembly, high pressure grinding device and plum blossom frame. From the structure of the Raymond mill, it can be seen that the bearing device is the core component of the equipment. The use of the grinding roller has a certain relationship with the user's operation mode. Sometimes the bearing powder is in the mill.

The reason why the bearing in the main body of the Raymond mill can be powdered can be roughly divided into two situations. One is that the lubricating oil is insufficient or the sealing ring is damaged; the second is that the bearing device lacks maintenance and cleaning for a long time.

The powder in the bearing is generally caused by these two operational problems. First let's talk about the problem of bearing seals. The sealing ring is generally a rubber product. Due to the working environment of the Raymond mill or the overload operation, it will definitely cause damage to the sealing ring. If the bearing device is not tightly sealed, it will cause the grinding machine to enter the bearing, which will cause the machine to run poorly. If it is not shut down for maintenance in time, it is very easy to cause damage to the bearing.

Let's talk about the long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning of the bearing unit. The Raymond mill has to be serviced after a period of use. Replace consumables when they are severely worn.

At present, Raymond Mills of various manufacturers have also been upgraded, and there are many improved designs to adapt to the complex powder market. However, the principle of grinding is roughly the same, so there are references to similar problems.

Shanghai SBM is a manufacturer of industrial mills established for 10 years. Raymond mills have always been our hot products. We have also introduced new mills such as high pressure mills and integrated suspension mills. It has been upgraded in terms of production scale, grinding fineness and scope of application. For our mill users, we insist on training in place, let them have no worries in production as much as possible, and prompt the on-site staff to operate and maintain the whole set of equipment, and plan to implement powder production.

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