Why is the sand making machine always blocking the material?

Why is the sand making machine always blocking the material?

Blocking phenomenon is a common problem in sand making machine. Once the material is blocked, it may affect the progress of the entire production line and cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Understand the cause of the blockage to get the right medicine, and resume production as soon as possible, so Xiaobian compiled the following 8 common situations, I hope to help your production!

  • 1, the material has a large water content
  • If the moisture of the material is too much, it may stick to the sand making machine. An effective solution is to pre-heat and other treatment at the inlet.

  • 2, the material is too hard or too large
  • When the material is too hard or the material to be crushed is too large, which exceeds the maximum crushing range of the sand making machine, it may cause clogging problems. The size of the broken material cannot exceed the specified range and hardness.


  • 3, the feed rate is too fast
  • The feeding speed and the processing speed are not well matched, the feeding is fast, the crushing is slow, the discharging is too late, and the equipment is prone to overload work, which may cause the phenomenon of blockage, so it is necessary to ensure the feeding of the sand making machine. The uniformity and continuity of the feed reduce the problem of material blockage.

  • 4, the tightness of the V-belt is not appropriate
  • The production process of the sand making machine is to transfer the power to the sheave by the V-belt, and then crush the stone. When the triangular belt is loose, it will cause slipping, and the sheave will not be driven as the sheave rotates. The material cannot be subjected to normal crushing force, and cannot be pulverized in the crushing chamber, and then the material blocking phenomenon occurs.

  • 5, the discharge port is improperly adjusted
  • In the production process of the crusher, if the speed of discharging the material is too slow, the material that is subsequently crushed will be accumulated in the discharge port and the crushing cavity, causing the discharge obstacle.

  • 6, the coordination of production line equipment
  • For example, if the conveying capacity of the conveyor exceeds the crushing capacity, then when the conveying capacity of the conveyor does not match the crushing capacity of the crusher, the material is not broken, and the material behind it quickly enters the crusher, causing the crushing to not be blocked in time.

  • 7, improper manual operation
  • This is one of the more common reasons for sand blockers. The operator of the sand making machine must undergo systematic training to understand the familiarity of the equipment before it can be put on the job. Otherwise, it will not only cause the production capacity of the equipment to be low, but also cause damage to the equipment over time.

  • 8, the device itself problem
  • Mistakes in the selection of the sand making machine will also cause blockage during the production process. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the technicians when purchasing, inform the technicians of the materials to be crushed, the size of the crush, etc., and select the appropriate machine model.

In addition, the quality of crushers on the market is mixed, and some small manufacturers lack various necessary design and processing techniques, resulting in various problems in the use of the products. Therefore, users should add more comparisons when purchasing equipment and choose products from regular manufacturers.

If your sand making machine is facing the problem of blocking material, you may wish to check from the above points to eliminate the fault in time and improve production efficiency!