SBM sand making machine has outstanding advantages

Project Background

The sand making machine produced by SBM machinery has excellent performance and the processing capacity is larger than that of the traditional sand making machine

Project Advantages

SBM sand making machine has outstanding advantages in dust control compared to other equipment

The sand making machine produced by SBM machinery has excellent performance and the processing capacity is larger than that of the traditional sand making machine. It can reach more than 600 tons per hour. Compared with the traditional equipment of the same power, the output is improved by more than 30% and the performance is stable. The better impact angle design of the crushing chamber material greatly reduces the equipment loss, the product has excellent grain size and reasonable grading, and is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping. The hydraulic opening device is adopted, and the parts are easily repaired and replaced, which shortens the user downtime and saves time and labor. The vibration display and alarm device are set, and the device abnormality is issued in time to achieve the purpose of protecting the device. The unique feed crushing structure can meet the various needs of users for sand making, shaping and corrosive material processing without major adjustments.


Wear-resistant materials and parts design: Since the material mat is designed on the vertical shaft impact sand-making machine to replace the lining as a wearing part, the service life of the wear-resistant part can be decomposed into parts design and wear-resistant material application. On the one hand, advanced part design has now adopted the material pad protection method, eliminating the expensive chrome alloy steel surfacing. The Henan Fangda sand making machine optimizes the design of the equipment content. After the partial wear of the peripheral guard plate, it can be used up and down to improve the service life of the material by more than 48%. The combined hammer head design reduces the user's use cost by more than 30%. At the same time, the auxiliary hammer head is added to effectively prevent the vertical hammer from being damaged after the main hammer head is worn. The most core wear-resistant materials are made of highly wear-resistant and high-temperature materials for important industries in the United States. The diamond impact block is used to avoid damage to the vertical plate after the material impacts and wears.

Dust control: SBM sand making machine adopts a unique air self-circulation system, which greatly reduces the amount of air discharged, reduces dust and is environmentally friendly. At the same time, the equipment is reserved and suitable for installing a variety of auxiliary dust removal equipment.


In the daily production operation of the sand making machine equipment, several maintenance points should be paid attention to, which can save the user a large maintenance cost and downtime loss:

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