Shanghai SBM sand making machine manufacturers

Project Background

SBM is mainly formed by clay deposition after a long period of pressure and temperature. It is usually divided into black shale, iron shale, calcareous shale, etc.

Project Advantages

SBM sand making machine

SBM is mainly formed by clay deposition after a long period of pressure and temperature. It is usually divided into black shale, iron shale, calcareous shale, etc. It has good water impermeability and high temperature resistance. Very good industrial value. At present, shale is often used as a raw material for the production of shale sand, which replaces natural sand and is mainly applied to construction fields such as buildings, highways, bridges, water conservancy and airport runways.

The shale composition is complex, and the traditional sand making machine is difficult to meet its better sand making effect, and it cannot realize its comprehensive utilization value. In response to this, relevant experts have developed and designed a shale sanding machine, which is a high-efficiency sand making machine specially developed for shale components, which has excellent sand making effect. At present, Shanghai shale sand making machine manufacturers account for about 75% of the total number of the country, there are more than 200 large and small manufacturers, then how about Shanghai shale sand making machine manufacturers? Which is better? What are the specific characteristics of the device? Let's take a brief introduction for everyone.

Shanghai shale sand making machine manufacturers recommended

Although there are many manufacturers of shale sand making machines in Shanghai, there are only a few well-known brand manufacturers, mainly SBM machines, CITIC Heavy Industries, Sino-German Heavy Industries, and Walter machines. Combining the comprehensive strength, equipment price, after-sales service and other factors of these manufacturers, we strongly recommend SBM machines here.


Over the years, our company has continuously introduced international advanced production technology and reached friendly relations with many developed countries. We have always maintained the best quality of shale sand making machines, always leading the domestic market trend and creating the most efficient shale sand making machine. .

As a world-renowned shale sanding machine manufacturer, the price of equipment provided by SBM machines is absolutely worthwhile. First of all, the production workshop of our company is arranged reasonably and orderly, and there is no excessive waste. Therefore, while ensuring reliable quality, its production cost is relatively low. In addition, our company's profit value is relatively low, and always adopts “small profits but quick turnover”. The way to sell better products at a lower price is therefore cheaper.

In order to prevent customers from encountering unnecessary troubles when purchasing or using shale sanding machines, SBM machines provide customers with the most perfect after-sales service. Regardless of pre-sale, sale and after-sales, our company always has the same attitude and solves the problem as much as possible. All the troubles of the customer. Our company's customer service hotline is online 24 hours a day, and the after-sales service outlets are spread all over the country, and the after-sales service is absolutely guaranteed.

Shanghai shale sand making machine product features

In general, the shale sand making machine produced by SBM machine is cheaper and more reliable in quality and superior in performance. It is the leading product in the industry and can create greater benefits for users.

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