What are the reasons for the slow start-up of the Raymond mill?

What are the reasons for the slow start-up of the Raymond mill?

The normal start of the Raymond mill is the beginning to ensure smooth milling operations. In actual production, some users often react to the slow start-up condition of the device, and there is a situation where the motor power does not reach when starting, and the switch machine needs to be turned on several times to start the device normally, which is very harmful to the device. Then, SBM Heavy Industry will analyze the reason why the Raymond mill starts slowly.

First of all, when the power of the motor is not enough, the operation of the motor with the Raymond mill will be formed during the start-up operation of the device, thereby prolonging the startup time of the device and causing the phenomenon that it cannot be started.


Secondly, the Raymond mill has a slow start-up speed, which is caused by too much current at startup. Unstable currents can also cause burns to the contactors, motors, and circuits, causing a large impact on the equipment. Over time, the use of Raymond mills is reduced. Again, according to the above situation, the user needs to pay attention to the correct starting sequence and method when starting the Raymond mill. For example, before starting the Raymond mill, check all the inspection doors to see if there is any residue in the machine. At the same time, adjust the steering of the fan and the main engine.

Then, check if the Raymond mill exhaust valve is fully open and the tightening status of each bolt screw is good. In all normal conditions, start the device in the order of starting the hoist, crusher, analyzer, main unit, feeder, etc. If you do not follow the correct startup sequence, it will cause damage to the device.

Finally, before starting the Raymond mill, ensure the stability of the voltage, so as not to start the Raymond mill under voltage instability, causing the equipment to burn out. Also, during the operation of the equipment, any adjustment, cleaning and overhaul work is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to visit the machine from the upper part of the mill.

The above is the reason for the slow start of the Raymond mill, and I hope to help the friends who are using Raymond Mill. If you have the need to purchase Raymond Mill, please come to our company for a visit.