Use of roller crusher

Project Background

First, let's take a look at the functional characteristics of the roller crusher and its working process. After washing with a sand washing machine, it is made into finished sand.

Project Advantages

How to improve the output of the roller crusher

First, let's take a look at the functional characteristics of the roller crusher and its working process. After washing with a sand washing machine, it is made into finished sand. The sand of the sander is supplied to the sand, and the raw materials produced are conveyed to the crusher by a belt conveyor to be further broken. The stone was broken by the coarse crusher and the other was broken again. The stone of the sand machine is made into sand. The gravel is sieved into two stones and the other part is sand. The machine is broken again. The function of the roller crusher is low and can be used in the integrated machine.

The eccentric bushing can be driven by a bevel gear by a horizontal shaft and a pulley. If the metal block or other hard object does not wear the cone with the ore, the investment cost of the casting is effectively reduced. Roller crusher equipment. If you want to make the ore size and ore size different, you can use standard, medium and short heads. The main difference is that the cross-sectional shape of the sand making device cavity is different. The sand making equipment on the roller crusher can be divided into three types: centrifugal unloading, gravity unloading and mixed unloading. Gravity unloading buckets are slower. Such as limestone, clinker, etc., the chain is relatively simple to manufacture, it is used to transport small abrasives such as powder, granules and small pieces, and the centrifugal discharge speed is faster. The connection to the hopper is also very powerful. It is used for transportation with a large specific gravity.

How to reduce wear on the roller crusher


Every production process for roller crushers and other products has been rigorously tested to ensure that the products meet the highest standards at the factory. During the machining process, the roller crusher is driven by a motor to drive the belt and the pulley. The eccentric shaft moves the jaws of the crusher up and down. When the moving jaw moves downward, the angle between the fixed jaw and the moving jaw becomes smaller. Achieve the purpose of crushing materials. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the fixed jaw and the movable jaw becomes larger, the moving jaw exits the fixed jaw under the action of the pull rod and the spring, and the broken material is discharged from the lower opening. The crushing chamber introduces domestic and foreign technology, improves and improves the processing technology of the roller crusher, protects the roller crusher to a large extent, reduces the wear and consumption during the operation, and effectively improves the production efficiency of the roller crusher. Good results bring benefits to customers.

How to make the roller crusher operate normally

The normal operation of the roller crusher depends in many respects on the level of wear of the roll skin. As long as the roll skin is in good condition, it can achieve higher consumption and discharge qualified product granularity.

Regularly check the wear of the roller skin and stop repairing and changing in time. When the ore is broken, the roll skin is gradually worn. The main factors affecting the wear of the roll skin are the hardness of the ore to be treated, the strength of the roll skin material, the appearance and size of the roll, the operating conditions, the feeding mode and the grain size.

The process index for the application of the duration and the roller depends on the average level of ore (material) spread along the entire length of the roller. If the material distribution is uneven, the roll skin will not only wear out quickly, but also the outer surface of the roller will show an annular groove. Thus, the crushed product has an uneven particle size. Thus, with the exception of the coarsely divided roll crusher, all roll crushers are equipped with a feeder, and the length of the feeder should be equal to the length of the rolls to ensure an average feed along the length of the rolls. At the same time, in order to continuously feed the ore. The rotation speed of the mining machine should be faster than the rotation speed of the roller, which is about 1-3 times faster. During the operation of the crusher, it is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the ore block, and the large amount of the ore block will be violent. Impact, roller skin wear is severe, especially when coarsely crushed.

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