Vertical roller mill energy saving and emission reduction promote the development of China's cement

Vertical roller mill energy saving and emission reduction promote the development of China's cement industry

Frequent demolition has led to a large amount of construction waste, which also indicates the development of China's construction industry. The quality of cement not only affects the performance of concrete and the quality of buildings, but also the far-reaching significance of energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and environmental protection. According to statistics, China is the largest country in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, and cement industry emissions account for one-fifth of this. The energy conservation and emission reduction requirements for the cement industry are bound to be imperative.

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The ball mill is one of the main grinding equipment in the cement industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are 44,000 ball mills operating in the global cement industry, and China accounts for 24,000 of them. In the cement production process, the power consumption for grinding is as high as 65% to 75%. Some experts said that if China's cement industry does not expand during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the cement industry should achieve the goal of reducing carbon emission reduction by 40% to 50%. The government must increase energy conservation and emission reduction, and improve resources and Energy efficiency, and gradually phase out new dry process cement production lines that do not meet the industrial policy access standards. It is extremely urgent to promote more advanced energy-saving technologies and comprehensively improve the energy efficiency of production in the cement industry. As a new type of grinding preparation equipment for producing cement, compared with the traditional grinding process (ball mill), the vertical roller mill has the advantages of low energy consumption, high grinding efficiency, strong drying ability, simple system flow and large capacity. Become the core equipment of the cement industry grinding system. The working principle of the vertical roller mill is to make the raw material fall to the center of the grinding disc through the screw conveyor, and the material moves from the center to the edge as the grinding disc rotates, and is crushed by the pressing of the grinding roller. The pulverized material is taken up by the hot gas entering from the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc. The coarse particles fall back to the grinding disc, and the finer particles are taken to the classifier for sorting. The qualified fine powder is taken into the bag filter to collect. As a finished product, the phenomenon of over-grinding is effectively avoided. If 20% of the ball mills are replaced by vertical roller mills every year, it can achieve 760 million kWh of electricity, equivalent to saving 280,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 730,000 tons.

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Although it is a general trend to replace the ball mill with a vertical roller mill, it will take time to promote the new machine. In fact, the cement industry's current understanding of ball mill technology is far from enough. In systems with the same specifications and the same grinding process, some enterprises have low power consumption and low output, and some enterprises have low output and low power consumption. In order to achieve energy saving in grinding, it is also necessary to improve the management and operation level of the enterprise, pay attention to and reflect on the original design concept of the enterprise, strictly grasp the energy-saving requirements in the purchase equipment, and fully understand the relevant policies of the government. As the production and sales of vertical roller mills, enterprises should actively promote and promote the energy saving and emission reduction of other vertical roller mills and other technological advantages, so that enterprises can have a deeper understanding and perception of vertical roller mills, and jointly promote the development of China's cement industry. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection is highly respected.

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