What are the factors that affect the working state of the ball mill?

What are the factors that affect the working state of the ball mill?

There are many factors that affect the working condition of the equipment. Some use the operation of the equipment, and some may cause various bad conditions in the operation of the equipment. The ball mill is no exception.

For the ball mill operator, the adjustable operating parameters are mainly the rotational speed of the ball mill, the grinding concentration, the medium filling rate and the ball ratio. The grinding process of the ball mill is the process of grinding and impact crushing of the ball, so the media filling rate and the ratio of the ball directly affect the grinding effect.


Therefore, choosing the proper medium filling rate and material ball ratio can not only ensure the ideal motion state of the medium, but also make the ball mill operate under good working conditions, improve the grinding efficiency, and it is also very important to guide the actual production and improve the production technical indicators. significance.

Of course, if there is a problem inside the ball mill, then the grinding effect of the ball mill will definitely not be ideal. In the case of closed-circuit grinding, if this happens in a ball mill, the fineness of the grinding product will change. such as:

Ball-Mill (2).jpg

  • (1) The ball mill compartment plate breaks or falls off. When this problem occurs, the grinding body is smashed, the grinding effect of each bin is significantly deteriorated, the fineness of the product is thickened, and there are large particles accompanied by grinding and chaos. This problem must be dealt with in a timely manner to prevent damage to the ball mill liner and barrel.
  • (2) The discharge jaw is damaged or falls off. When this happens, the fineness of the product is increased, and there is a broken or even entire grinding body in the grinding material of the ball mill, and there is a foreign object impact sound in the hoisting machine and the classifier. This problem should be dealt with in time to prevent damage to the conveying and sorting equipment.

In order to improve the output of the ball mill, it is also necessary to ensure effective management and control of the ball mill. The main purpose of management is to prevent the occurrence and elimination of diseased operation, achieve fine operation of equipment, and achieve high quality and high production with low power consumption. Reasonable production indicators refer to the objectives of the operation, the indicators must determine the upper and lower limits; the correct operating parameters are the process routes that must be controlled; the troubleshooting measures refer to the timely and quick elimination of failures when the operation method is performed.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the observation during the work of the ball mill, so that we can find problems in time, solve problems, and ensure that the equipment can always work under normal conditions.

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